When it comes to PC games news is never dull. As our amazing virtual universe continues to turn on its physical axis there's plenty to Diablo 4 Gold anticipate in the coming years. There's Hogwarts Legacy Starfield, Diablo 4, and much more and it's worth putting our thoughts back to the best PC games from 2022. As the Christmas season draws to a close and fireworks appear in the distance, we've decided to take the liberty of collecting some of this year's largest news events all in one place - after all there's nothing wrong more than a bit of nostalgia?

Perhaps one of the best news to emerge from January was Blizzard's announcement that an all-new game that is set to take place in the "all brand new world" is in development, adding another strings to the Diablo WoW maker's symbolic bow. Blizzard wasn't the only company to announce something new and exciting, though, as Apex Legends creator Respawn Entertainment also announced that it's developing a new triple-A shooter.

And to top it all off, turn-based strategy game fans were rewarded with the news of the creation of a new studio run with the Doom and XCOM developers they have joined forces to add more strategic value to the ever-growing genre.The best part of February was obviously, Elden Ring. As a result, it was touted as one the most popular FromSoftware games ever the RPG game rose up the charts, and challenged players from all over the world to reclaim the item of the title.

Alongside Elden Ring, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG brought ARPG/MMO hybrid Lost Ark to the West after a wildly successful launch in Korea. Although server queues were buy Diablo IV Gold ablaze and players often lost their will to live, the game has blossomed post-launch , and now comes with a plethora of exciting types of zones and classes. Dying Light 2 also deserves a quick mention; after everyone loves zombies, and who wouldn't enjoy killing zombies?