Each of the game's units are highly detailed and animated well, especially the game's heroes - if WOTLK Gold you've been browsing the screenshots, you'll be able to tell which units are heroes and which are standard troops by virtue of the fact that all heroes wield glowing weapons.

The current build had three tilesets available: the standard grassland set, a desert set, and a wintry, snowy set. Each tileset is fairly well detailed; for instance, the winter set has volumetric fog. In addition, each tileset will have a number of different details, including campfires that flare up when units pass them, and WOTLK Classic's completely gratuitous animals: seals (in the winter tileset) and sheep (in the grassland tileset); the desert tileset has boars. The animals don't seem to serve any particularly useful purpose (much like WOTLK Classic), but they can be senselessly slaughtered by your units (much like WOTLK Classic).

WOTLK Classic showed use three different scenarios across each different tileset, and played as both the Orc Horde and the Alliance. We got a look at several of the hero types, including the orc Blademaster and the human Paladin, as well as several of the unit types.

According to WOTLK Classic, WOTLK Classic will shift its emphasis from having hordes of generic units onscreen to having fewer units with individual abilities, so that battles will be less about attrition and enormous, unruly armies and more focused on tactics. As an example, WOTLK Classic cited the resource-gathering activity of the orc peons; as with the gas mines of Starcraft, your harvesting units will  cheap WOTLK Classic Gold only be allowed into mines one unit at a time.