Your wounds were severe enough for an emergency room visit, but you quickly get all patched up and as you are leaving you notice the attackers only took $20 out of the original $100. “That’s strange” you say to yourself “you know I’m still craving Taco Bell, I think I’ll finally go get some!” As you walk passed the revolving doors WoTLK Gold you encounter the same 5 people who beat you senseless again! Right there in front of the hospital! Again, they take $20 and you now have $60.

Eventually, this has happened so many times that you have no money left. You have exhausted the doctors with your repeated hospital visits and, most importantly, you’re now afraid to leave. However, you must get back to work.

You decide not to leave. Work be damned. There’s no point in walking outside the hospital if you’re just going to end up right back in there right?! You think to yourself, “I bet if I were to give it enough time they’ll go away.” So you do just that. You make yourself comfortable in the lobby and sleep for a whole 24 hours.

You awake the next day. Ready to finally get back to a normal life. Unfortunately, the doctors are still exhausted from your visits and you have to wait 3 hours to get discharged. Very annoying, but you wait for your turn. After all, you have no money left, so you know there’s no reason for you to be attacked again. You walk outside, look left then right, and BAM! You wake up in the hospital.

You feel helpless. So you call your friend Mike. Mike is Rank 60 in the military. You’ve seen him brawl 10 people by himself and come out victorious! He agrees to help you. As Mike is driving up to the entrance, you walk outside. However, he sees the state of your condition and gets out of the car to help you. BAM! THWACK! You and Mike awake in the hospital.

You notice that Mike called in his military squad to help him with this situation. You, Mike, and 7 other men in state of the art military equipment approach the revolving doors. You walk outside ready to take on these foes and notice they too have a group, bigger than before, eager to fight.

It took several hours, but in the end you are finally victorious! You are free to finally leave the hospital premises buy WoTLK Classic Gold. However, you want to celebrate. You offer to take Mike and his squad mates to Taco Bell - that place you were meaning to visit so long ago - to thank them for their assistance.