PlayStation Productions released its first project in the last quarter of this year with that long-awaited Uncharted Best place to buy D2R items. It is a film adaptation Naughty Dog's beloved game has been in development for more than a decade, trading hands with numerous directors as well as writers and actors.

The film's final version ended in the hands of Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake and although the film didn't make a splash with critics, it pulled in a decent amount of dollars at the box office and is a good prelude to an unfinished sequel, meaning it's likely that more live-action Nathan Drake adventures are on to come at some point. A possible Uncharted sequel is far from the only thing on Sony's plate however.

We've put together all of the PlayStation movies and shows Sony are producing. There's likely to be more that haven't been publicly announced but this is the most current list that has either been confirmed or reported by highly reliable sources. Check out the list below to view all of the projects that PlayStation Productions is working on.

The Last of Us - HBO TV SeriesWhat will likely be the next installment coming from PlayStation Productions is yet another Naughty Dog adaptation. HBO is adapting The Last of Us with Chornobyl's Craig Mazin and The Last of Us co-creator Neil Druckmann at the helm of the production.

In the movie, Mandalorian's star Pedro Pascal will play Joel Miller and Game of Thrones actor Bella Ramsey is set to play Ellie Williams, two roles with a lot of baggage due to their emotional arcs and how much they mean as characters to fans.

The show is set to follow the story of the games very closely, but will still feature new content that could include flashbacks and characters who were mentioned Diablo 2 Resurrected buy items, but were not featured during the game. The show has no specific release date yet, but is expected to release sometime in 2023.