Basketball stars from the professional league are playing for glory during the NBA playoffs. For the rest of us we have NBA 2K22. The latest entry to the long-running basketball video game series was released back in September 2021 and lets players play their basketball fantasies NBA 2K MT. Like all good sports games, NBA titles typically have an online component that allows people to play wirelessly with their peers. But can NBA 2K22 allow for cross-platform gaming?

In case you weren't aware, "cross-platform" gameplay is when you are able to play online alongside other players on different platforms. If, for instance, a game has cross-platform capabilities, then players playing online on the PlayStation 5 would be able to join a session alongside players playing the same game using an Xbox Series X. Numerous popular and current games, such as Genshin Impact, Fall Guys, and Fortnite offer cross-platform games on their servers. Is it possible to do the same for NBA 2K22?

Does "NBA 2K22' offer cross-platform play?

Though the franchise has been ongoing since the 1990s, the gameplay for NBA 2K games has remained mostly the same. You can manage a team or one player, and play in highly-simulated NBA games to win the virtual supremacy. There are games that allow players to be the general manager, and even control an all-encompassing NBA franchise. NBA 2K22 features more of similar features.

Unfortunately, this also means that if certain features weren't available before the game, it's likely that to be a while before they appear. Like the games that came before, NBA 2K22 does not include cross-platform compatibility.

That is, if you'd like to play a friend who has the game on PC the game must be playing the game on the PC. It's an interesting stance to double down on, given how difficult it is to obtain current-gen consoles now.

Fans had the exact same question in the days when NBA 2K21 was coming out. In 2021 it was revealed that there was a Reddit thread was started to ask if NBA 2K21 at the time would include cross-platform compatibility Buy MT 2K22. Many bitter Redditors suggested that the game wouldn't have cross-platform gameplay to encourage the purchase of the game across multiple platforms.