What you're saying is RuneScape gold definitely true. Yes, and that is why they have been moving towards attempting to tie in some permanent improvement with each of those MTX events - so that they are not solely short-term profits but that they do lend some permanent value to the game - beginning with all the graphic rework of the Dwarven Mine. Not so well-executed this time, but I believe we could all agree it is a step in the ideal direction.

This is more personal opinion, but I also somewhat disagree with the tagging of these events as rigorously"MTX events". I have been engaging with this Artisan event without having to spend a dime and I rather like it. So long as the option is there to complete everything without losing cash, I don't see why it should be shunned. It provides some nice short-term goals to work towards using an adequate reward.

Yak trak is just one more kind of monetisation ontop of what's in the sport already. That's exactly why it ties to the game, they found battlepasses do well and knew it would be a fantastic way to market gold premier. More MTX content will lead to a mass unsubbing of gamers who do not actively fork out cash for MTX content. It needs to be MTX content + normal content published at the same speed as it stands there's certainly going to go worse if all we get are far less regular updates. Pretty much most players watched last year as a dud, in most reality desperate steps should have been released with anachronia. Jagex is poorly handling their employees or doesn't have enough to cater to normal subscribers.

It's still an MTX event however. It's intentionally designed to get you to spend money directly on it. It is fine as content, sure, but when the real, good content is being postponed, it bites. It is also kind of empty content generally. They simply added some things you can craft which largely are feeble, and its an addition to other material.

OSRS requires less to develop

Can we go  back to buy RS gold having an indie size studio? I mean we all still hand over our money every month. Why would they alter their methods? How do you know whether an MTX voucher was delayed? Some of them aren't declared beforehand. Well we get one every week and that is how it's been for quite a while. They haven't missed a week was what I meant. They have not missed a week because the promotions require next to no work?