Well the other firm would have to purchase the license and they'd most likely be the only firm. But more than that, it is just usually not cost effective. You would need to be able to have these detectors on all players at all times crunching on the data. I really don't believe the Mut 21 coins AWS/Real Motion sensors stuff is worn by all gamers, I might be incorrect. But the detail of what those things are searching for is not as indepth as everything could be needed to provide stats for a game like this.

You wouldnt have to wear them. If data and you'll be useful, you really just need a bunch. The investment is. Require 1 practice. Coaches get another day (makes them happy) gamers dont wear pads (makes them happy and they may showcase their signature athletic skill ) practice. Spread across a wide variety of players it'd be obvious what distinguishes Joe Thomas from Garret Bowles lol. Take that data and implement it into game. Great Corners such as Sherm catch skin on the arm as an example. Refs are not as likely to call PI based on him. Boom you have tons of animations of your 99 corner and also a feature others can develop get drafted with. I really don't think it's that hard.

I mean I know it will be communicating from and wise a dev perspective but I think it could be achieved and should be able to be carried out using a powerhouse like EA. From then on its occasionally allowing 1st rounders/superstar to wear them in non practices animations to include. Rather than each runningback juking exactly the exact same every single moment. There are a lot of things they could add. Terrible tackles will some instances fall their foot too far on passes so that they dont get beat on the edge. If that is too much that they can only watch film and higher hell.

I believe for madden to become more competitive, they will need to up the ante. Rather than 3, they NEED to make 11 on 11 team perform. I know that isnt the very attractive to ppl that perform lineman, but the CPU playing OLine isnt going to cut it anymore in Competitive Madden. Think of it this way button mashers on your group could be OLineman, and also have Pass Rush Battles against the DLineman players. I know it will be harder to receive 11 player, possibly even 22 player teams (unless everybody plays 2 rankings ) but how else can you make it more staff based aggressive play?

Before they get rid of MUT hell will freeze over melt and freeze over again. The gambling on packs matches perfectly with the RNG dice roll game play. The amount of manipulation that goes on in a H2H game in MUT is genius. Plays go your way. The players participated. As soon as buy Madden nfl 21 coins you start losing you start buying packs searching that you believe can help you win matches. It has been building up since madden 12. Shit they might end up eliminating franchise. Does not make EA any cash.