If I remember, to start with a mag or it is PSO2 Meseta part of an early quest. You can change a great deal of aspects about your mag, but it probably needs items that require real cash. Utilize a guide before you feed it. Your mag takes on the colour of whatever outfit you're wearing/your cast colours. Changing colours when you change outfits and everything. There is nevertheless an product which let's you lock in a color, but I have not used it Idk how it functions. As an instance I changed mine into a floating oni woman (tamahime in the swap shop) but I've also seen cats, miniature mechs, nyaus, and so on.

What's the monetization managed in NA PSO2?

I am thinking Monetization is managed in PSO2, also when there's any difference between NA and JP's handling of the way to get matters. Is one better, is just one worse? I am interested, and I would like some feedback from folks who are currently enjoying Phantasy Star Online 2. Disposition inventory slots make your life so much easier. Buy them if possible, you will thank your self later.

After I last played JP PSO2I was able to get like 3 months of mat and storage expansions using only currency I got from performing the main campaign or anything. Is that not a thing on NA? Material Storage and Ex Storage 1 still cost SG and are the exact same cost as in JP. But, NA lacks a whole lot of different resources of SG (Arks League benefits, casino exchange etc), therefore after beating the narrative SG income slows down to a crawl. That is in addition to the fact that Fresh Finds Shop is an immense SG sink (for people who care about makeup ). Also, there's no PSO2es and OTP banks (which can be free 300 storage area ).

Till you move deeper this is a massive question with a very simple answer. I will give you the simplest answer. I am pretty sure folks will go. The Majority of Phantasy Star Online 2's monetization is for Cosmetics/Fashion. You can play Phantasy Star Online 2 aggressive without needed to pay. Some convenience options are available for purchase, like inventory space. It is far better than most games in the marketplace these days. I have seen some people say that you need to cover to be at the Peak of the top towards the pso2 buying meseta endgame, but that's only in the end of this endgame... and even then"debatable"