Cheap Jordans 2020 brought us a lot of sincere eye-catching color matching. Recently, there is a tiger color matching exposure as the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4 This year. Air Jordan 4 SE GS Rush Violet is based on black. The biggest highlight is the canvas on the upper and the camouflage pattern. The color also includes purple, blue and orange. The striking Jumpman Logo can be clearly seen on the black leather tongue, with a white midsole and a purple outsole to complete the design of the entire pair of shoes. However, it will only be sold under the GS specification, fearing that many male toes will be disappointed.

The Air Jordan 34 has been released for a long time, and a variety of color matching has been ushered in for sale or exposure. Recently, a green and gold color appeared on the network, which was originally Tatum PE color matching. The upper is made of a plaid fabric version that is more breathable than the flaps. The whole body is dominated by fresh green color, which is quite eye-catching. The midsole Eclipse Plate is painted in gold and the upper is also embellished with gold accents. The JT Logo description of the tongue is currently only Tatum's exclusive PE. Would you like this color to be sold?

2019 Sneakers Release,ROKIT x Kyrie 5 released at the beginning of this year. Do you remember? The transparent P. sinensis module and the domineering anti-hook penetrate the shoe body. The co-branded color created by the famous Los Angeles brand ROKIT has attracted the attention of countless actual combat parties. Just this morning, the well-known brand ROKIT also officially announced a new limited-edition color matching Kyrie 5, let's take a look! Unlike the commercial version at the beginning of the year, the new color scheme released this time is based on the dark color. The black body is complemented by orange lines to create a strong visual impact. The silver pitcher module is particularly eye-catching, and the wrap feel is very tight, so you don't have to worry about your feet. The most eye-catching is the silver anti-hook design that runs through the body of the shoe, echoing the word ROKIT followed by the heel. Interestingly, there have been recent news of the release of Kyrie 6 that the ROKIT's ultra-limited color matching is likely to be the finale of Kyrie 5.