Dutch artist Parra and Nike have always maintained good cooperation. Among the joint names in the Air Max 1 family, the most popular colors are from his hands. Parra's pop art, which uses high-saturation color and surrealism, Parra x Nike SB Dunk is definitely a unique shoe circle! This year, the joint name of Parra and Nike continues. In fact, in daily life, Parra is a skater in addition to the identity of the artist. This led to the joint cooperation between Parra and Nike SB series. In the joint name, the two sides will launch Nike SB Dunk and Nike SB Blazer Low respectively. The two are very similar in design, with the body covered in a wide range of white leather and the lining in a Parra coloured abstract pattern. The biggest highlight is that the shoe body Swoosh is created by the signature blue, red, orange and pink embroidery overlays, and is injected into the fleece material. The visual performance is similar to the naked eye 3D. Nike SB and Parra lettering appear on the tongue, insole, heel and shoelace head. The overall artistic atmosphere is rich and detailed, showing extraordinary personality!

2019 Mens Jordans,The cross-border cooperation between Jordan Brand and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is no longer news. After all, when the Air Jordan 5 was released last year, many sneaker players once felt that basketball brands and football giants could even hit such a fierce spark! This year, in addition to the upcoming Air Jordan 6, a pair of Jordan Mars 270 will be available soon. As everyone knows, the Jordan Mars 270 draws inspiration from the classic boots Air Jordan 1, 4, 5, and 6 to combine their iconic elements. At the same time, the mid-base cushioning is also replaced with the Air Max 270 air cushion, which has outstanding visual effects and foot feel. It can be said to be sincere. And this pair of joint color is also very particular about, the red of the vamp, it is not difficult to reminiscent of the red Air Jordan 6, released in 2014, exaggerated. The biggest feature of this PSG joint color matching is that the tongue part is integrated into the Air Jordan 7 element, which is better than the ordinary color matching details. In addition, the heel, the middle of the shoe and the insole also bear the logo and logo of the PSG, highlighting the unique co-branded identity.

2019 Cheap Jordan,Although the sacai x Nike series has been jumping from the first exposure to the present. But this morning, Nike officially released the official map of the three new colors of red, green, black and white. Such a move, can not help but guess, is this double joint name also to raid? Sacai combines Nike classic shoes Waffle Daybreak and LDV, and deconstructs the tongue, Swoosh Logo, midsole and other elements. Sacai x Nike LDWaffle reshapes in a layered manner, presenting a very unique structural layering. The new color scheme that will be released next will still have a pretty color contrast effect. The upper foot is naturally very eye-catching, and the layering, color and fashion are impeccable.