Adidas ZX 4000 4D brings the release of color matching during the Spring Festival, although the selling price is not low, but the difficulty is not low! The market resale price is higher than the official price. In 2019, there will be a number of new products in this series. In addition to the black and grey color that was brought before, this item is BD7931 and this year's new product. The black and white look is used to show the body of the shoe, and the details are complemented by dark gray suede decoration. The 4D outsole still has a high degree of recognition, which combines retro shoes to bring a good aesthetic feeling.

Last year, the 2019 Mens Jordans cross-border cooperation French giants Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) series was popular with football fans and sneaker players. Following the previous Air Jordan 1 PSG and Air Jordan 5 PSG series, the Air Jordan 6 PSG spy photos were re-exposed. This PSG color scheme does not use the black upper that is commonly used in the past, but uses a large area of ??gray. Black laces and tongues echo the black heel and midsole. Compared to the previous two PSG series, this overall texture is more compact, and the color matching is more delicate.

Jordans 2019 Shoes When the ultra-popular Air Jordan 1 High OG ushers in a new look of black and red, this pair of Air Jordan 1 Couture will bring a little climax to the sneakers! Also known as the Air Jordan 1 High OG “DEFIANT” color scheme, the “Forbidden Wear” theme is interpreted from another angle. The upper is made of high-quality black glossy leather with a beige old fashioned sole. According to the color name “Couture” and the official statement, it is indeed intended to create a high-end fashion atmosphere. The most eye-catching is the red "paint strip" design, based on the bright contrast of the black upper, absolutely full of eye-catching power!