The Nike Air Max 270, which was born last year on Air Max Day, definitely injects a new vitality into the sneakers. The low-cost appearance on the street and the handsome and handsome feet make everyone feel the new members of the Air Max family. unique charm. The Nike Air Max 720, which will be released this year, is highly anticipated. After a lot of color matching, the recent color scheme similar to Switch has also been officially released. The shape of the shoe is avant-garde, and the outsole is wrapped in a large area of ​​720°. It has a good visual impact from the sole or the side of the shoe. It is worth mentioning that the newly designed 360 degree air cushion with a thickness of 3.8 cm is 0.5 cm more than the Air Max 270 launched this year. At the same time, 75% of air-cushion materials come from recyclable materials, emphasizing sustainable use and implementing environmental protection concepts.

Harden's new generation of signature shoes adidas Harden Vol.3 has recently welcomed many new dresses. There are also two new color schemes that are very interesting to watch today. One of them is dressed in dark blue, red and white with American style. The most interesting thing is the shark mouth print on the inside of the upper, which makes this color match the style of the US military fighter. The upper material is different from the first weave. The use of large mesh engineering mesh, better breathability. The other is pure white, with outsole and lining with colorful hand-painted patterns. The shape is fresh and versatile. The material is also different, made of pebbled leather and more textured.

The Nike Air Force 1 series has been around for 37 years, and Nike has been trying to incorporate new elements into Air Force 1 for the past few years. The 35th anniversary of the previous year gave birth to the Air Force 1 "100" series, which was brought last year. It is the “Utility” series with full performance. Recently, a newly designed functional version of the Air Force 1 Utility Mid officially released. The upper is made of gray and black pebbled leather. The light green sole is wrapped in a pure white Air Force air cushion. The heel collar and AF1 label are accented with bright orange, and the functional temperament is cool and cool. The unique highlight of this pair of shoes is the Velcro strap that extends from the heel to cover the middle and back of the shoe. It is not only functional, but also has an excellent high street texture.