Lena Dunham wasn't, either.. Dont sleep on the spurs, this kawhaii situation will sort itself out and they will be back and who knows what will happen in OKC. There is also an unofficial fan created version called the 9th age although I think they had to start making up their own lore to prevent legal issues with GW so like AoS everything is called different names from warhammer.

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While in training, I received a card from my grandmother, written in Spanish and signed, "Abuella" (Grandmother). So in the show, Khaleesi has to accept the truth and re kill her love. They do serve a lunch for the few that do qualify. Otherwise, Chrissy wouldn have dominated a season with Ben, Devon, etc.

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Also! I just moved him to this tank. How do you know he does it three times in the hour you out? Are you interrogating him about how often he does it in a day and when? Or is he volunteering this information? If it the latter, it might have to do with some kind of fetish, but given that he always does it when you not around I guessing it the former, in which case you already treading on dangerous territory based on what I mentioned at the beginning of my comment.

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